‘VIRTUAL’y Aware

‘VIRTUAL’y Aware


Back in the day they said an eye for an eye

Social media kicks in no rules comply

Jumping on statuses to keep in with the gang

Then nothing back? There leaving you hang?

A comment for a comment, fair is fair

A vote for a vote, a share for a share

Too cool for school to leave a reply

Makes you ask yourself as friends, simply why?

Not commenting on things you know they find attractive

But on everybody else’s page they are franticly active

‘No I Haven’t been on in a while, I didn’t see your post’

Yet they comment on a mutual friend’s picture of tea and toast!

Think wisely when adding friends to your list

Everyone wants to see but some pretend you don’t exist

You would never delete or block a true friend

Thank god the true ones you know from beginning to end

Your true friends before the viral world spiralled out of control

And after virtual hype dug its nails in, and took its toll

Like everything that is popular, the advantages are there

But you have to be strong, act like you don’t care

No more liking everything when it is not coming back

Your true friends would never put you in the black

The Virtual you should never have to pretend

Give up the pretence it has to end…………….



About shinners4winners

HI I love to write especially poetry I am from Dublin two children and love horses :)
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