Living a lie…..

And just like that, it is like we never met

Now you have left, how quickly you forget

To think I adored you for so many years

All you left me was confusion and tears

Everything you said the promises you made

Believing you was the high price I paid

Did you ever listen when I emptied my heart

Was it a game to you, were you playing the part??

I told you things that were buried in my soul

I thought we were one, we were united, we were whole

You fooled me, and you walked without looking back

You turned my rose tinted world, to a deep deep black

Not because I am weak, or need you to be around

But because you took my trust, and smashed it to the ground

Why bother to pretend and destroy my head

Now I feel gullible, paranoid and easily led

You wasted my time, and now I doubt everyone I meet

You always told me I made you feel complete

Was it your intention to destroy me or was it a mistake?

I loved you so much, and the whole time you were a fake

Goodbye forever, I need to get you out of my eyes

Thank you for nothing especially the lies…………..










About shinners4winners

HI I love to write especially poetry I am from Dublin two children and love horses :)
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