The same difference!!!


I watched two birds soaring a sparrow and a wren

It reminded me of you, my free spirited children

One of the same but so different and unique

Both oozing confidence charm and mystique

So different and so opposite but united with a bond

Your love is like Titanium, to infinity and beyond

When I look at you together I feel shocked that you are mine

You are breathing and living from the same blood line

Nothing can destroy the strength of your sibling connection

Stay united in success and even tighter in rejection

Watch out for each other as I watch out for you both

Encourage each other’s   ideas strengths and growths

Have fun and giggles and make memories to cherish

A Brother and sisters love will never ever perish

About shinners4winners

HI I love to write especially poetry I am from Dublin two children and love horses :)
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2 Responses to The same difference!!!

  1. ksbeth says:

    lovely, and isn’t it amazing how each can be so different and yet so connected? i have 3 daughters and at times it is as if they were each raised by different families in different universes. then, i see the similarities and the bond between them and know we are all one. ) beth

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