I have not been on in a while busy putting my collection together for a first book on uplifting poetry all new to me and very exciting love you all xxxx Sinead update soon!!!

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”’My Queen”’ A Mothers day thought for the mums who have passed xxx

My Queen


For the mothers we love that have passed away

We remember you especially on Mothers Day

You teach us to keep going, as you live in our heart

Memories and cemented bonds, we can never be apart

Remembering your smile and beautiful face

You were calm, and comforting, full of grace

I am half of you, I owe you my last breathe

A powerful queen I will never ever forget

I can feel you guiding me in the things I do and say

Sending you love and warmth this Mothering Sunday


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‘VIRTUAL’y Aware

‘VIRTUAL’y Aware


Back in the day they said an eye for an eye

Social media kicks in no rules comply

Jumping on statuses to keep in with the gang

Then nothing back? There leaving you hang?

A comment for a comment, fair is fair

A vote for a vote, a share for a share

Too cool for school to leave a reply

Makes you ask yourself as friends, simply why?

Not commenting on things you know they find attractive

But on everybody else’s page they are franticly active

‘No I Haven’t been on in a while, I didn’t see your post’

Yet they comment on a mutual friend’s picture of tea and toast!

Think wisely when adding friends to your list

Everyone wants to see but some pretend you don’t exist

You would never delete or block a true friend

Thank god the true ones you know from beginning to end

Your true friends before the viral world spiralled out of control

And after virtual hype dug its nails in, and took its toll

Like everything that is popular, the advantages are there

But you have to be strong, act like you don’t care

No more liking everything when it is not coming back

Your true friends would never put you in the black

The Virtual you should never have to pretend

Give up the pretence it has to end…………….



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No fight inside her

And the mask goes on, as she adjusts her suit of armor

Ready to pretend she does not care as they harm her

Constantly protected like steel, but like jelly inside

Constantly running, but she can never ever hide

Expecting nothing but harshness and constant attack

Eyes wide shut , in a world of jet black

&Foolishly shielding herself, instead of  dropping the dead weight

All she has ever known is how they judge and hate

If only she could see how easily she can be freed

Let go of the want  and the bad habits you do not need

She is living life behind a wall, umbrella up but it’s not raining

While real life floats by her, in a safe ship gently sailing

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Night Terrors

I feel your presence in the witching hour
Terrifying me to the core, and taking my power
Thoughts and flashbacks I thought long forgotten
Like demons in my head, demented and wrotten
When I think I have peace you attack my heart
You drag my memory back there, right to the start
Get out of my head, I am weak, I cannot sleep
But like a thief in the night you continue to creep
Engulfed in panic, delusion, and despair
I am wide awake reliving this nightmare
Surrounded by fear, chest tight, I cannot breath
Will I ever be rid of you, will I ever be freed?

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Living a lie…..

And just like that, it is like we never met

Now you have left, how quickly you forget

To think I adored you for so many years

All you left me was confusion and tears

Everything you said the promises you made

Believing you was the high price I paid

Did you ever listen when I emptied my heart

Was it a game to you, were you playing the part??

I told you things that were buried in my soul

I thought we were one, we were united, we were whole

You fooled me, and you walked without looking back

You turned my rose tinted world, to a deep deep black

Not because I am weak, or need you to be around

But because you took my trust, and smashed it to the ground

Why bother to pretend and destroy my head

Now I feel gullible, paranoid and easily led

You wasted my time, and now I doubt everyone I meet

You always told me I made you feel complete

Was it your intention to destroy me or was it a mistake?

I loved you so much, and the whole time you were a fake

Goodbye forever, I need to get you out of my eyes

Thank you for nothing especially the lies…………..










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The same difference!!!


I watched two birds soaring a sparrow and a wren

It reminded me of you, my free spirited children

One of the same but so different and unique

Both oozing confidence charm and mystique

So different and so opposite but united with a bond

Your love is like Titanium, to infinity and beyond

When I look at you together I feel shocked that you are mine

You are breathing and living from the same blood line

Nothing can destroy the strength of your sibling connection

Stay united in success and even tighter in rejection

Watch out for each other as I watch out for you both

Encourage each other’s   ideas strengths and growths

Have fun and giggles and make memories to cherish

A Brother and sisters love will never ever perish

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Myself and Kayleigh :)

Myself and Kayleigh :)

Babygirl xxxx

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